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ਤੰਦੂਰ (Tandoor) 


plural tan·doors, tan·door·i  [tahn-doo r-ee]



a cylindrical clay oven, fired to a high heat by wood or charcoal, in which foods,especially meats, are cooked and bread is baked. This style of cooking originates from the Punjab state of Northern India and is an integral part of the local cuisine. 


Punjabi - Q, Myanmar’s first live table Indian barbecue restaurant, brings to you the authentic flavours of Punjab and the essence of tandoori cooking. Known as food of the royals, tandoori cuisine boasts spiced kebabs, scrumptious tikkas, and aromatic naans as its crown jewels . Our cooking process offers mouth-watering tender and freshly marinated meats, seafood, and vegetables, infused with aromas of the smoky charcoal, accompanied with home-made tangy chutneys, pickles, and zesty sauces.


Punjabi - Q’s live table grill is followed by a lavish buffet headlining North Indian curries, rice, breads, and desserts with “live counters” for an interactive experience. Indulge yourself in the buttery and spice-filled goodness of dishes that will please your senses of sight, taste, and smell. We also offer an A La Carte menu of the traditional feast to provide a range of options when dining with us.


Punjabi - Q will open its door in Times Mall at Times City in mid December 2019, bringing to you our own unique brand & taste of BBQ for both lunch & dinner. As a casual fine dining restaurant we aim to provide an appetising and peaceful environment, where friends and family can enjoy a great Indian meal. We strive to become “the taste of the town” and we cannot wait to serve you!

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